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We have been in the furniture business for quite a while. By trial and error, we learned all nuances of making quality carcass furniture. We not just have been doing our job well – we truly loved it. From the very beginning, we had the Idea. Like most of our colleagues, we started with making furniture to order, implementing projects for a particular design, particular customer and his requests. We were good at the job, and the number of happy customers kept growing. Our business expanded, and we rejoiced at the growing number of happy customers and individual projects we successfully completed. Wasn’t that a good reason for us to rest on our laurels?

That very Idea motivated us for continuing development. We wanted to make quality furniture of modern, stylish design available for as many people as possible. We longed to prove that stunning kitchen furniture does not always mean individual project that costs a fortune.

After huge efforts we took, after implementing a lot of successful and not-so-successful ideas, we have arrived at this recipe. Today, ROKO means quality, functional and diverse MODULAR furniture of excellent, custom-made stylish design from EDGE, a young and ambitious design studio.

What does MODULARITY mean? It’s a wide, custom-designed, unified modular line (cabinets) always available in stock. You can choose from this line almost any configuration of kitchen furniture in terms of size and functional. At the same time, the price for this furniture will be a decade lower than for the same furniture set made to order, and on top of that, we’ll deliver it in a very short time. This way, we became closer to our Idea.

Мебель Roco
Мебель Roco
Мебель Roco

Unique design

Optimized production

Unified modular line

Uncompromising service for our customers and partners

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That’s what makes the furniture from ROKO so classy and affordable!

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